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CSP Career and Academic Integration Materials

At Career Solutions Publishing we believe that the best way to motivate students is by allowing them to see the practical use of academic lessons. Having an answer to, "Why do I need to learn this?" is both inspiring for students and convenient for instructors. The products listed below offer practical information and applied academics for more than 300 careers. Math, social studies, science and English activities are related to careers so students can make a connection between their education and their career goals. For more information about a product, please click on it's logo.


Hands-On-Academics is a series of 64 engaging, comprehensive 20-page lessons that integrate math, English, science, and social studies with careers. Each lesson can be used for one hour to three weeks, depending on the instructor's goals for the class. These instructor-friendly lessons require no advance preparation, and both students and teachers find them easy and motivating to use. An Instructor's Guide is included for each lesson.

For more information and free lesson downloads, click here: Free Sample Download

Career Launcher

Career Launcher

Career Launcher–The Integrated Career Pathways Curriculum, new Ed2 is an innovative, entertaining method of introducing students to careers. This unique, interactive package provides comprehensive career information and activities related to 300 careers in 16 career clusters. Career Launcher is excellent for career exploration at both the middle school and early high school levels. Please take a moment to click through the free samples of Career Launcher by following the link below.

For more information and free lesson downloads, click here: Free Sample Download

A Lesson A Day

You can add an extra career dimension to your classroom by introducing these short academic integrated lessons as a part of the curriculum. By setting aside only 10 or 15 minutes a day, your students can explore the relationship of math, English, science or social studies to a career a day. A-Lesson-A-Day makes your job easier by introducing a career and connecting it to a simple academic activity.

For more information and free lesson downloads, click here: Free Sample Download

Learning about Careers highlights 32 careers in 16 career clusters in a series of 32 easy-to-understand lessons. Each lesson gives a simple overview of one career and then asks students to identify the skills, knowledge, and characteristics they believe would be most helpful in achieving success in the career.

To download a free sample of Learning about Careers, click here: Free Sample Download