About Career Solutions Publishing

Careers Solutions Publishing opened its doors in 1990 and has been listening to teachers and administrators ever since. When we announce a new curriculum product, it’s backed by years of conversation with employers and educators. We pride ourselves on providing practical materials that give students a good start in their careers, whether the career begins after high school, college, or other training.

Our important new products and revisions come from ideas teachers request or help us generate. You know what your students need, and when you share that information, we work hard to meet those needs. Our days are devoted to developing basic and advanced soft skills curriculum, integrated materials, and life skills lessons.

Our education products have evolved over the years, starting with print materials under our own label and for Cengage Learning. Over the years Career Solutions Publishing has advanced our technology from print, to PDFs and interactive CDs, and, now, to five popular online products, including the premier Job Ready Career Skills and It’s for Real Workplace Ethics. Our customers choose our materials for their practical, relevant, motivating approach to career readiness and for the prompt, careful technical assistance we provide.

President and Founder

Dr. Doris Humphrey is among the nation’s pioneers in the field of career readiness and academic and career integration. Since founding Career Solutions Publishing in 1989 after years as a public education teacher and administrator, she has spearheaded the development, or personally written over 70 online educational products, CDs and textbooks for Career Solutions Publishing and Cengage Learning.

A noted speaker on career readiness and workplace success that starts in the classroom, Dr. Humphrey has consulted with scores of large and small high schools, charter schools, state departments, and county or local school districts, as well as Job Corps, migrant education centers, and juvenile justice centers for the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Career Solutions Team

Writers, graphic designers, programmers, technical and customer support liaisons, and specialty experts make up the Career Solutions Publishing team. You can reach us from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST time, when usually we can answer your question or meet your request on the spot. Rarely do we provide an answer later than the following day.

When you purchase from us, your order is handled immediately, either through online setup or quick UPS turnaround of shipped materials.

Customers say our service and technical support is unparalleled in the education publishing community. We’ll gladly share testimonials, but we’d like to prove ourselves to you.

Our president, Dr. Doris Humphrey, would like to hear from you personally or contact our Career Solutions Publishing staff any time we can be of assistance.