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Doris Humphrey
President, Career Solutions Publishing

“I would like to start by saying I have really enjoyed using the program Managing your Money. It was a very interesting and informative program that the students were able to understand and use. I also incorporated Job Ready Career Skills with some of my students and they benefited from the information provided.”

Christine McCammond, Teacher
Every Child's Hope
St. Louis, MO

June, 2017

"I am retiring at the end of this school year, so I am passing information about Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money on to teachers who may want to use the programs next school year. I found them very useful, and they definitely went along with the curriculum I taught."

Paulette Johnson, Business Education Teacher
Clarke Central High School
Athens, GA

May, 2017

"Enterprise High School is a charter school in Clearwater, Florida. We have been utilizing the Career Solutions Publishing Job Ready Career Skills course since June 2012. We believe that the information in this course is so essential for students to learn that we require this class for graduation. The online course is both student and teacher friendly. It is easily customized. Students say that they actually enjoy the course and feel it is valuable. The customer service and technical support are exceptional. There is rarely a problem; but if one should arise, it is solved generally within hours (if not minutes). I highly recommend the Job Ready Career Skills course."

Hillary Hart, Vocational Specialist
Enterprise High School
Clearwater, FL

April, 2017

"I would like to thank Career Solutions Publishing for developing their web-based applications. They have been most welcome add-ins to our Career and Technical Center's curriculum. These programs include training on the soft skills and characteristics employers have identified as important to success in the workplace (punctuality, a work ethic, effective communication, self-discipline, and organizational skills). Additionally, Dr. Doris Humphrey and her support/technical staff are second to none. Although there have been no technical issues with the programs whatsoever, Career Solutions Publishing has proven to be especially helpful when students need to be moved from class to class or when asked to add instructional staff to the user group. It was because of Dr. Doris Humphrey, her staff, and the flawless operation of Job Ready Career Skills on the Web (something refreshing when it comes to education-based software) that we will continue to use their new editions and have purchased additional products. I believe in Career Solutions Publishing products and believe they are a worthwhile investment."

Robert Lacivitia, Administrator
North Montco Technical Career Center
Lansdale, PA

February, 2017

"The excellent service I have received from Career Solutions Publishing the last two years affirms that I made the right selection for class resources when I purchased Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money!"

Caroline Tassone, Business Education Teacher
Waynesboro Area High School
Waynesboro, PA

August, 2016

"Outstanding! I appreciate the great customer service from Career Solutions Publishing!"

Doug Wheeler, Career Based Intervention
Barberton High School
Barberton, OH

June, 2016